• Machine shop equipped with advanced technology
  • MMC-2 (Makino Machining Complex - II), An Automated pallet handling system by MAKINO JAPAN.
  • In order to compete in today's global economy, manufacturers face fierce pressures to reduce costs and increase throughput while enhancing the quality of the parts they produce.
  • The Makino Machining Complex (MMC2)
  • This flexible manufacturing system is designed to help us meet our customers’ demands while enabling the flexibility to adapt quickly to a constantly shifting production schedule.
  • The MMC2 is a modular, automated material handling system that links Makino horizontal machining centers, pallet loaders and operators.
  • A servo-controlled, rail-guided vehicle (RGV) transports material to and from machines, with little, if any, operator intervention.
  • Quality control and consistency is maintained through a combination of fixtures and high precision gauges.
  • When required by the application, in-house fabricated fixtures are used to hold product while it undergoes an operation.
  • High precision gauging confirms that all secondary operations are pinpoint accurate.
  • With our technologically advanced capabilities and state-of-the-art facility, we utilize cutting-edge precision manufacturing to solve challenges and achieve results with complex, close-tolerance machined components for our customers.
  • Our advanced processes allow us to manufacture from an array of complex and exotic materials.
  • With our precision multi-axis capabilities and expert team of engineers and machinists, Varun casting co. applies sophisticated machining principles to achieve a leaner end result.
  • We employ a Continuous Improvement process to ensure an optimized return on investment.
We the Varun Group of Companies have always focused on manufacturing best quality, close tolerance, and exclusive casting.